illustration nitrogento

The page loading speed is very influent on SEO, SEM, user experience, conversion rate and
overall business efficiency. Having a very responsive and fast site is a key to success online.
Nitrogento won’t do everything for you, you still need good coders, decent servers, correct
configuration but Nitrogento will take care of (almost) everything else :

  • Provide custom (non default) block caching capability
  • Provide block caching management
    • Take relay when FPC is not available
    • Insert any Magento Block in Cache
    • (usually only head, footer, category and layered navigation)
  • Manage your Htaccess settings directly from your backoffice
    • Etags, Compression, Expire headers
  • Simple cache warmer (to preload the home and categories pages cache)
  • Get Full Page Cache (a different version from the EE one), even on CE version

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